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Intruder Alarm Systems

An image showing some Pyronix Intruder Alarm Systems we offer

As crime statistics increase day in day out, businesses and homes have never been more dependant on intruder alarm systems to protect their property.
An intruder alarm system installed can deter criminals from even attempting to breach a premises meaning that your business/home stays protected and you don’t have to be affected by the cost and disruption issues associated.

We can provide the correct tools to design, install maintain and repair intruder alarm systems in all domestic and commercial settings.

We can cater for all jobs large and small whether you need a small system for a domestic property or a large intelligent system to cover multiple buildings and/or zones, GDC have you covered.

Offering a range of equipment choices and the ability to design a system to suit every application, our intruder alarm systems, installed by ourselves, will leave the client feeling safe and leave their property firmly secure.

Intruder alarm benefits:

  • Protect building contents and premises
  • Insurance compliant options that could result in lower insurance premiums
  • Keyholder response for prompt action when alarm activations occur
  • Fire alarm system can be connected
  • Systems can be remotely maintained
  • Numerous keyholders can be associated with systems
  • The ability to integrate intruder alarm with other services i.e. CCTV, access control, fire alarm, BMS etc


Monitoring is a way of ensuring your intruder alarm stays secure and is always communicating to an ARC who will alert key holders when the alarm activates or the system encounters any faults/issues.

Many insurance providers will specify that a system must be monitored; we are able to provide key holder response monitoring from our UK alarm receiving centre or monitoring can be carried out using a smartphone app.


As the world moves on and technology advances this means that we can offer wireless systems that can cater for listed buildings, finished domestic homes and any other area that cabling may be an issue. With extremely good battery life and graded correctly, a wireless system is a brilliant effective option for the client.

Fire detection systems and fire safety

An image showing some fire detection systems we offer

A fire alarm system is a legal requirement for any business in the UK. Fire can cause financial losses from damages and devastation that can cause serious injury and even loss of life. Due to fire detection systems being systems that are designed to save lives they must be installed, serviced and maintained to an incredibly high standard.
We at GDC Fire and security can provide the supply, install, maintenance and service of all life safety system to the highest standard to ensure compliance.

As well as fire causing a serious risk to life, it can cause serious amounts of damage resulting in major financial losses and major disruption to your business.
When a business suffers the misfortune of a serious fire some may never recover from the lasting effects, especially if there are major injuries or loss of life.

Fire alarm systems must be serviced and maintained to a high standard; this is a legal requirement. We at GDC Fire and security have the wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure your system is healthy and compliant.
We can offer fire alarm maintenance contracts to service your system annually, half yearly or quarterly as well as 24 hour callout response 365 days of the year. Our main aim is to ensure your system is healthy and when it does go faulty, to repair with no hassle.

With a healthy maintained fire alarm system we can ensure that your property and staff that occupy
it are always protected and that the system in place is compliant to the relevant standard BS5839.

An image of a Fire Alarm System we have installed.

A fire alarm system one of the most crucial systems in a workplace so ensure it is handled correctly by a company like GDC fire and security.

Whether your site needs a small conventional or a large networked addressable system, rest assured GDC can deliver the perfect package for your application and needs.

Key benefits:

  • Early detection of fire
  • Insurance premium could decrease
  • Decreased damage caused by fire
  • If linked to an ARC fire brigade can attend quickly

Disabled refuge

Building regulations state that all new commercial buildings exceeding more than one storey and have lift facilities must provide disabled refuge areas.
A refuge area is an area that is safe where a disabled or vulnerable person can wait for assistance during an emergency in a building.
For more information please contact us.

Disabled toilet alarms

A emergency assistance disabled toilet alarm is to meet building regulations document M: "all disabled toilets within commercial properties must contain a disabled toilet alarm, this system should only be able to be reset from the location in which the alarm was activated".
For more information please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options and different equipment available.

Fire safety

As well as providing life safety systems, GDC Fire and Security also provide the relevant equipment and signage needed for fire safety in any domestic, commercial or industrial setting.

  • Fire Blankets

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Signage

  • Emergency Lighting

  • First Aid Kits

CCTV Security Systems

An image showing some Hikvision CCTV cameras we offer

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV systems are proving to be an essential necessity for a client’s security needs. It is a cost effective robust security system that is extremely customisable and very efficient at preventing crime or at least gathering evidence of crimes.

CCTV in itself is a deterrent for crime, meaning it could actually stop the crime even being committed saving lost time and costs.

CCTV has came on leaps and bounds over the years and high definition quality is an industry standard more than a luxury, with many cost – effective options CCTV is an incredibly vital tool for all homes and businesses.
Analogue HD CCTV can be utilised when existing coaxial cable is present or IP network CCTV can also be used.
CCTV systems can range from 2MP right up to 8MP (4K) and can be integrated with different systems and an array of uses.

  • Suitable for all environments: internal and external.
  • Cameras can be fixed, Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ), fish eye (panoramic) or even 360 degrees.
  • Night vision can be infra red illuminated in areas with low light and can also be coloured at night with new colour vu technology.
  • Remote monitoring of images to alert key holders of intruders
  • Deterrent to crime
  • Suitable to monitor footfall, temperature, intelligent tracking of persons or items
  • Memory capacity is incredibly versatile
  • Alerts can be sent to smart devices of movement detected

For any more information or help selecting the correct system for you contact us now!

dahua cover

Access control Systems

An image showing some of the Paxton Access Control Systems we offer

Installing an access control system to your property offers a secure and cost effective solution for controlling who can enter your premises and what areas they may be allowed permission to. Protecting access to a business is incredibly important in this day in age and we at GDC Fire and Security offer a range of different systems tailored to a client’s needs.
Whether it is a small stand alone system or a large networked system with multiple doors and access permissions GDC can make your access control worries melt away.

Using a range of different locking and access processes we can offer you the best solution that suits your premises.

Proximity fob/card, biometric, facial recognition are just some of the ways access control can be utilised.

  • Convenient and easy to implement into any workforce or premises
  • Different access levels can be used to allow certain areas to be accessed by only relevant people
  • Identification of who accessed the building and when, to allow a better way to ensure security is being followed
  • Integration with other systems

We can provide a large range of access control solutions:

  • Intercom systems / door entry kits (video / audio)
  • Door access systems with proximity readers to identify cards, tags and codes
  • Stand alone systems
  • Networked systems

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